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SpaceNet is focused purely on the provisioning of Wireless Internet Access to the South African home and small business markets.  Access to high speed, low cost and reliable Internet is the order of the day and to meet this demand we have partnered with Internet Solutions, offering our clients a choice of LTE-A services nationwide.


The key advantage you have with our LTE-A service is that you simply plug your LTE-A SIM card into to your Router, switch on, and you’re surfing! No hassles, no waiting for cables! And if you move, just take it with you!

So what do I need to do?


The first step is to click on the coverage button, type in your address and see whether you have coverage.

Then once that’s confirmed, and you have chosen which service you wish to use, click on the sign up button.Complete the form with your choice of Router and bandwidth required and submit, it’s as easy as that!

So what is RICA?


New legislation was passed in 2017 requiring individuals to RICA their new SIM cards. What this means is that when your LTE-A router and SIM card are delivered to your doorstep, we will verify that it’s you.

Simply provide us with a copy of your ID and a utility bill when you receive your delivery.
It’s really pretty simple!

What happens next?


You will receive an invoice from accounts confirming your request. Once Proof of payment has been received your order gets processed and the equipment and SIM card are delivered to your doorstep. You will need to provide a copy of your ID and proof of residence (like a utility bill)in order to be RICA’d.