Hello and Welcome to SpaceNet !


Our wireless network has been built using the latest in microwave technology giving you access to Fast, Reliable and Affordable Internet and Telephone services. No lightning issues, no cable theft, no delays, cool!

So how does this all work?

At SpaceNet we believe in the old saying, keep it simple. So we are continuously expanding our microwave network using the very latest in technology to create a wireless blanket covering the greater Ruimsig area (expanding). After a free site survey to check that you have line of site to one of our Base Stations we will provide you with a wireless outdoor router at your home or office at no cost to you. Our dual high speed microwave backbone links directly to our tier one service provider who is now a partner and from there directly into the international fibre optic cable network.This gives us acces to an ECNS licence and BEE status! Installation takes about an hour, no contracts and its uncapped and unshaped.

Choose between a Home, Home/Business or Business package that suites your need!


What do we offer our home users?

  • No contracts … simply pay as you go
  • Uncapped and unshaped
  • SpaceNet will provide your wireless access router at your home, free of charge, remains ours
  • Free site survey to check that you have line of sight to our base stations
  • Free (8 to 8 weekdays) remote support via our Web Site
  • Add a home Wi-Fi for easy indoor access

What do we offer our business users?

Almost the same as the home user but traffic is optimised for normal office hours.


Some of our Clients...

FeatherBrook new clubhouse, Dolce

Hole In One conference venue & guest house

African Access

Ramkietjie venue & bar

LS Telecoms





Breaking News!

SpaceNet soon to extend into the Fourways area, yeah!

Specialising in gated communities and estates. Intercom/Telephone and Internet.

Faster speeds early next year!



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